Saturday, September 19, 2020 at 11 AM – 1 Pm
Dear Parent/guardians and students.
I’m very excited to announce our first grading post COVID-19.
Although Spartan Minis & Spartan Junior Squad students have not been on the mat for a little while, many students have have shown great discipline and dedication towards their martial arts by training training at home, with the online ZOOM classes and the member training class videos. Great work legends!
And also being back on the mat training will give all students plenty of time time to level up and get ready for the term 3 grading.
As part of the MMA Minis and Spartan Junior Squad programs students have the opportunity to move through our Martial Arts training syllabus. the Spartan Minis (6 to 11) and Spartan Junior Squad (12 to 14) grading system consists of a series colors and stripes to track students progress, with the first color starting with white, and moves through too yellow, orange, green, then through to senior colors blue, purple, brown and black. A grading system is important not just in Martial Arts but in many sports as it gives students goals to strive towards, and also gives students a sense of achievement, which in turn builds self-esteem and confidence not only in their Martial Arts, but also within themselves.
Start time will be 11am, and will go through to approximately 1pm. Doors will be open from 10am if you would like to come in early for some extra ‘practice’. Following your grading there will be the Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grading so feel free to see some of the big kids working their BJJ Skills.
Cost for grading is FREE.
All STUDENTS are asked to attend. even if you are not grading it’s a great opportunity to do a practice grading. If you do not have a grading syllabus ask for one at your next class.
Remember there will be classes over the School holidays to help get you ready for Grading day.
Train hard and we look forward to seeing you all on grading day.
spectators are more than welcome 🙂