My name is Sue Bruce, I am 52 years of age and took up Muay Thai Boxing 2 years ago, just before my 50th Birthday. At the time I was just getting through each day, I had brought two children up on my own while running my own business. I would fit in a walk two – three times a week, that was good for me mentally, but I wanted to be toned and physically stronger. My good friend had started MMA Fit and loved it. Within a few months I watched as her arms started to tone and she looked strong. So I finally went along to my first class, I was convinced it would be too difficult. I had tried crossfit but after two weeks of that it was too hard on my lower back which I had been told had mild arthritis.

Two and a half years on my flexibility has improved and I am the strongest I have ever been both physically and mentally. I train 3 nights a week and have two grading strips.

Muay Thai boxing has got me out of my comfort zone, challenging myself all the time. It is great for memory, memorising patterns and movements, we are learning something new all the time. I am a graphic designer and spend most of my day sitting down, there is something great and satisfying about getting the gloves on after work.

My only regret is, I didnt start sooner. I used to feel inferior, not good enough. I now walk with purpose, and have a great sense of self worth. I am the oldest woman in the class, but that inspires me more to do better.

While training and improving my health I have made some great friends, our training sessions are fun. The best part of my story while becoming fit and loving life . . . I also met the love of my life in our class, we now train together.
Member of the month Sue
This is my story and I hope it will inspire you to give Muay Thai a try, even if you never spar or compete, it’s still a great sport to learn.